Domain-specific architectures and platforms (e.g., AAL, Railway, Automotive; integrated architectures)

Experimental and analytical evaluations of domain-specific architectures can be found in the literature, which point out the need for improvements of specific non-functional properties (e.g., real-time behavior, fault isolation, diagnosis). For example, limitations of the AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture (AUTOSAR) in temporal predictability, fault isolation and complexity management have been identified.

The goal of our research is however to perform domain-driven research on embedded systems in order to trigger a significant advance of domain-specific architectures for meeting these challenges. Examples of required technologies for advancing the domain-specific architectures are real-time communication solutions, networked computing platforms, diagnostic services, reconfiguration support and fault-tolerance mechanisms. Thus, this strongly industry-driven line of research has a close relationship to other research areas.

Our research activities are not only of an integrative nature (i.e., integrating novel research results of the scientific community into domain architectures), but also focus on the development of new platform technologies. We place special emphasis on the ability to satisfy the economic and technological constraints of the respective domains.