Warehouse Shuttle System: Shuttle Localization based on Artificial Intelligence

Thesistype: Bachelor-/Master-/Student Thesis
Contact: Dr. –Ing Daniel Onwuchekwa H-E 010, Tel.: 0271/740-2897 Email: Daniel.onwuchekwa@uni-siegen.de
Description: A warehouse shuttle system is an automated mobile cart that conveys items in a pallet racking within a warehouse. The shuttle replaces the needs for humans to retrieve or store goods in a warehouse environment manually. These shuttles travel on a racking structure for this purpose. Reliable and safe localization solutions are needed for the optimal operation of the warehouse shuttle system. The dependable localization of the shuttles will make it possible to integrate hot-maintenance services. Therefore, it is desired to incorporate a camera sensor that would serve as a redundant localization solution. This task will use a camera-based sensor to acquire video streams that capture a marker, and the marker will be used to calibrate and map the location of the shuttle in motion. It is aimed to realize a localization service based on the camera sensor.

Task Objectives
1. Requirement analysis and Problem familiarization. 2. State-of-Art for localization using video streams. 3. Selection of Techniques within/beyond state-of art. 4. Design and analysis 5. Implementation 6. Testing and evaluation

Desired Skills
  • • You should be currently enrolled in mechatronics/computer science/electrical electronics engineering. • Require machine learning/deep learning skills. • Sound programming skills (

  • C/C++, Python…)